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I signed up for school today. I'll be getting my license for Skin Care / Makeup art (Esthetician). I'm also going to attend a few makeup art classes and put together a makeup kit to start doing special event makeup (weddings, etc) after I'm licensed.

For Christmas, I'm going to get the airbrush makeup machine. Not sure which brand to go with right now, but airbrushing is important key to any makeup kit. :p

I might go to school for massage therapy too, in addition to becoming an Esthetician. After school, I'll probably get an apartment here in Florida.

I'm getting my life together and building my career so I can stop depending on my husband, and if he leaves me then he leaves me. I'll be able to support myself, which will take a lot of stress off my shoulders. I know he cares what happens to me, so I know he'll help me pay for school and get me on my feet. It hopefully won't be a bitter divorce (if it happens).

I'm really motivated right now to get my life together.
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