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jessy kathryn.

Christmas Wishlist

Dinair Airbrushing Set - $259
product link

Sephora Collection { Color Diary } - $25
product link

Webcam - $40

Necklace - $79
( I think my sister is getting me this one )

As for a relationship update, I'm really like...idk. He's been acting differently since I've been home. Not a bad different, but a good different. He seems happier? I don't know if it's because I'm going to be starting school & getting my life together and he's proud or...I don't know why. I'm kind of just enjoying it right now, I can't help how much I do love him. I love seeing him happy, but I hate the yo-yo's of emotions and mood swings.

I'm really sick. Blahhh.

I dyed my hair & cut it. Made it more red and put thin blonde high lights through out it. I'll take a picture later, I'm too sick and blegh. It looks kind of like this, except my hair is a deeper red :

( ^ NOT me )

The plan is to eventually go blonde. My hairdresser said I should keep doing highlights because flat-out dying my hair blonde would strongly damage it. So.

I decided to get both my massage therapy license and my esthetician license. Yay. Should take about 10-12 months to complete everything.
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