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• 10/25/10 - Stressed Out
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I don't know why I've been taking so many pictures lately. =\ Anyways, so Ken's pretty much in pain. He's been in pain for the past few days and as a result, he's a cranky camper. He barely acknowledges me and he's more than willing to sleep on the couch. Now, I keep telling myself "It's because he's in pain, there's nothing wrong with us" but there's a little naggy voice in the back of my head that's screaming "HE'S MAD AT YOU!" - Now that I write it out, it seems kind of silly. It just sucks having to deal with a bitchy husband for the next few weeks. He says his pain is getting worse and I feel awful that I can't do anything for him. Ugh!

On top of all of this shenanigans with Ken, I've been super stressed out lately. I'm a stress eater, which isn't good for my diet. Not to mention I haven't gone to the gym in a week. I jumped on the scale today and the number hasn't gone down, which isn't good because I was suppose to have reached my "mini" goal by the 1st of November. I probably won't reach it, not in a healthy way anyways. So whatever, there's no rush. As long as I don't gain weight, it's fine right? Right! On that note, I'm going to go watch TV.
• 10/25/10 - Memory Box

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I really need a scanner. D:
• 10/24/10 - Ken's Injury Pictures
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Those are needles in his finger to hold the bone together. He should have them taken out by Nov 4th. Yaay. Notice how nerdy he is with 1 hand holding an XBOX controller and 3 monitors. lol.
• 10/22/10 - Kenneth's Surgery
Because I got bored after we got home from the hospital. I spent 6 hours in the waiting room...FML

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Ken was suppose to depart for Saudi Arabia for a year and I was going to move in with my Sister until he get's back. That was the plan anyways. However, it seems as though fate had something else in store. The timing just seems too perfect for there not to be a reason. It's 3 weeks until his departure and it was his last day of training - he was racking a machine gun and it got stuck. He tried to unjam it and it bit him back and it broke his right ring finger pretty badly; to the point where a normal "splint" wouldn't cut it. He needed surgery.

If you know anything about the military, then you'll know that they're not going to send an "injured soldier" over seas. Thus! He is no longer going to Bahrain and our plans are pretty much ruined. MAYBE. There is a small chance that they will depart him out in a few months or in another year, which wouldn't be bad. I guess I'm just upset about the whole thing because it was almost time to start packing and then BAM! Plans ruined! But as I said, the timing was too perfect. It's almost as if it was meant to be. I can be at peace with that.

I suppose I'll have to wait to cross off my Japan/Island adventures from my Bucket List. We had originally intended to go to Japan, Ireland and a Caribbean island in-between and after his one year stay in Saudi Arabia. Hopefully he'll still go. I also intended on using his "away time" to go to school because the school I wish to attend is located in Florida and we're stationed in VA. Gah! So much shenanigans in one week, this is stressful.
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